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Nervous Dental Patients

Nervous Dental Patients

*Pain Free Or Your Money Back, Guaranteed!

At Tooth Doctor our practice has been built around our commitment to providing *pain free dentistry to all our patients. The team are trained on the latest painless techniques to ensure your visit is STRESS FREE, ANXIOUS FREE, WORRY FREE. 

Jane Explains How We Can Use Sedation To Overcome Dental Fear

Jane says… “I just love to do sedation because it means I can treat basically all patients. Patients that wouldn’t be able to get treatment done before. Patients that haven’t been able to get treatment done for years but have been desperate to get it done. It’s just really nice to be able to give them an option. Fillings, extractions, bite treatments, crowns, veneers, everything. Absolutely anything I can do with sedation. 

Sedation Dentistry

It is completely understandable that some people are scared of seeing the dentist. We appreciate that dental phobia is something that affects a lot of people. Fear can manifest itself differently for each person. Some of you may just feel anxious at the thought of having dental treatment, whilst others are scared of injections in the mouth, the sound of the drill or even the smell of a dental practice.

Fear of the dentist is nothing to be ashamed of. You may have had a bad experience in the past, or may be worried or embarrassed because you haven’t been for a while, and know that you need some work doing. We are not here to judge you in any way, we are only here to help you, taking the stress and worry out of seeing the dentist.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation or sleep dentistry is an effective way to treat the most nervous of patients. Sedation has a relaxing and calming effect but doesn’t prevent communication between the dentist and you, the patient, so treatment can still be carried out easily.

We offer a thorough assessment of your physical conditions such as weight, age and medical history before suitability for this kind of treatment is determined. But don’t worry, all this will be discussed during your stress free consultation with us.

“Anybody with anxieties when it comes to dental work needs to get to the Tooth Doctor” Says Laura

Absolutely thrilled with my teeth. After years of bad experiences and having anxiety with other dental practices, I have now found a great dentist in Jane. I have had two major procedures in the last two weeks that were made pain free and after having had a super veneer fitted it has changed my smile. Jane is a talented and modern dentist, I would never go anywhere else and recommend to everyone I know. Easy to get to and plenty of car parking space. All staff are lovely and welcoming. Anybody with anxieties when it comes to dental work needs to get to the Tooth Doctor as they are they are so understanding and sympathetic to their patients.

Says Laura Swift 5* Google Review

Alison Overcame Her Fear Of The Dentist With Sedation

We Use The Latest Techniques In *Pain Free Dentistry

There are many ways to combat pain, and we follow guidelines from, one of the world’s leading websites dedicated for fear free dentistry.

5 Pain Free Dentistry techniques we have in place at Tooth Doctor…

  1. We use a special gel which numbs the gum prior to receiving treatment

  2. We warm the local anaesthetic which ensures that it’s a lot more comfortable

  3. We use only the shortest and finest needles to ensure that you don’t feel them

  4. We inject very slowly which ensure that it’s a lot more comfortable procedure

  5. We use a computer based delivery system of local anaesthetic which ensures that things are very slow, comfortable and COMPLETELY PAIN FREE

Our Pain Free Dentistry claims are backed up with testimonials from his patients. Here are a few patients stating the facts…

“Pain Free! The Finished Result Is Marvellous” Says Marion E Maclellan

“It Was A Painless, Hassle Free Procedure” Says Dorothy Louttit

“Had No Pain Throughout Treatment” Says Anne Doyle

Our claims are based on fact and proof from our patients. We are so convinced that you will feel no pain, we will refund your money if you do.

No matter what cosmetic dental treatment you have in mind… there is always a pain free method that will help gain your confidence back painlessly, easily, quickly, affordable and at the same time help your family and friends.

Pain Free Tips From Dentist Olivia

What is the next step?

If you would like to know more about our dentistry for Nervous Patients please call us today or complete the form below for a Complimentary Consultation.

Don’t worry if you are not comfortable coming to the practice yet, we can arrange for one of our Smile Advisors to meet you at a local coffee shop, where you can relax with a hot drink and discuss your concerns in a hassle free, calm environment.

Transform Your Smile Today With A Complimentary Consultation Consultation With Corinne

Smile Advice, Usually £97 but now FREE

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Come and speak for Free with our Smile Advisor. 
Call today on 01555770907 (24/7) or complete the form

Yes! I Want Free Smile Advice Which Includes:

A meeting with our Smile Advisor, at our practice or if you are nervous we can arrange to meet at our local coffee shop.

You can relax with a hot drink while you chat about how, and in what ways, *Pain Free Dentistry can improve your dental health.

Included in your complimentary consultation:

  • Address your concerns and desires
  • Discuss treatment options suitable for you
  • See before & after photos and patient testimonials
  • Offer of interest free finance options
  • Opportunity to book your clinical assessment

“I Can Now Smile With Confidence For The First Time In Years” Says Fiona Ramsay

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Finance Options - Spreading The Cost of Your Dentistry

Finance Options - Spreading The Cost of Your Dentistry

We understand that dental treatment may be necessary at times which are not always financially convenient. To help you on these occasions we can offer you various options to spread the investment including 0% interest free credit on treatment.

Other low cost finance options are available. If you are worried about paying for your dental treatment we will try our best to help find the right solution for you.

We also offer a pain free practice plan to help spread the cost of your routine dental care.

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