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Tongue-tied treatment

Tongue-tied Treatment at Tooth Doctor in Carluke

Did you know that we can offer a calm and safe solution to babies born tongue-tied? Using our gentle laser, we can correct your babies tongue calmly and gently, without the use of a scalpel.

Even better, we can see you and your baby now, avoiding a wait of as much as *84 days on the NHS.

The timely treatment of tongue-tie is vital to ensure that new mums who want to breastfeed their babies can.

Currently, if your baby is born tongue-tied can wait up to three months before having the condition rectified depending on the postcode and area where you live.

Even if you can get an appointment to see a doctor, the procedure usually involves the use off a local anaesthetic, following by clipping the tongue, with some minor bleeding to follow.

Using our gentle laser, we can avoid the use of clippers and bleeding, resulting in a much more stress free solution for you and your baby.

“The Laser Was Amazing, I couldn’t Believe How Quickly It Was Done”

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What we do differently…

The release of the tongue/lip tie typically only takes a few seconds, certainly less than a minute. We use a water laser which is the most advance and gentle laser specifically designed for this type of treatment.  No anaesthetic is required and adults who have had this done liken the sensation to a gentle pinch of the skin on the back of the hand. 

The benefit to using the laser is that it simultaneously cuts, disinfects and seals the tie in a single pass without bleeding. 

There is almost no need for any re-treatment when the laser is used, limiting the infant to needing only a single treatment. To settle the baby after the treatment we advise giving a feed by the mum/dad. 

Any after affects are very minimal, occasionally a mild baby painkiller may be given on the first night if the baby is unsettled, although our feedback is that this is not usually necessary. 

But what is Tongue-tie?

Tongue-tieTongue-tie (ankyloglossia) is where the strip of skin connecting the baby’s tongue to the floor of their mouth is shorter than usual.

Some babies who have tongue-tie don’t seem to be bothered by it. In others, it can restrict the tongue’s movement, making it harder to breastfeed.

Tongue-tie is sometimes diagnosed during a baby’s routine new-born check, but it’s not always easy to spot. It may not become apparent until your baby has problems feeding.

Tongue-tie affects around 4-11% of new-born babies. It’s more common in boys than girls, and sometimes runs in families.

Complications from tongue-tie surgery are rare but may include:

  • Infection at the site.
  • Excessive bleeding.
  • Recurrent tongue-tie from scar tissue formation. This may be more likely to happen after a frenotomy than after a release-and-surgical-closure procedure (frenuloplasty). If recurrent tongue-tie happens, it is typically less severe than it was before the surgery.

These complications can be avoided by using a laser instead of a traditional scalpel or clippers.

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*statistic taken from The Guardian newspaper


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